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History for Sale: William Hill's Greek Revival

William H. Hill's "highly unusual variation on the Greek Revival" home, built c. 1855, is now for sale at 509 Elm Street. The listing provides a glimpse of the home's intact original elements: marble fireplaces, curved staircase with carved wooden moldings and a plaster recess, and 6/6 wooden sash windows. A unique door with a gothic top and strap hinges appears off the kitchen; it's not clear if that's original or a newer addition.

William H. Hill was a blacksmith; his brother Philip lived in a nearby Greek Revival home at 515 Elm Street. Other notable homes on Elm Street include those of Caleb Leach and Philander Leach.

Until the arrival of Route 24 in the 1950s, Elm Street was a remote and sparsely populated area within the "Great Cedar Swamp."

Read more about 509 Elm Street here, or visit the listing from Jack Conway.

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