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Oliver, James V.F.W. Post Memorial Building

303 Pleasant St


Architectural Style

Colonial Revival


Architecture, Community Planning

Use Type

Meeting Hall


Massachusetts Historical Commission Report

Architectural Significance

This is one of Bridgewater's very few pre-1930 brick buildings. It is a well-crafted masonry structure designed in the Georgian Revival style. Exhibiting rock-faced granite belt courses (above basement windows) and sills, this building retains its original multipanel doors. Windows are recessed and contain multipanel sash in the Colonial Revival manner. This building is enclosed by a low hip roof.

Historical Significance

The Old Colony Street Railway building at the corner of Pleasant Street and Swift Avenue was built In 1904, on the site of the old Pratt Tavern. A boosting station was needed in Bridgewater in order to connect Brockton, Taunton, and Middleboro with more electrical power.

A high tension current of 13,200 volts entered the building, one line from Brockton, and one line going to Taunton. The main feed line was connected to large power stations at Quincy and Fall River.

This building was used as a booster station until street cars were no longer used, and was given to the James A. Oliver, Jr. Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post # 2120. James A. Oliver, Jr. was the first soldier In Bridgewater killed in World War II.

In I969 the building was named Orien L. Desnoyer Memorial Building after the post's Quartermaster of 30 years.

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