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Bridgewater Iron Mfg. Company Worker Housing

277 High St


Architectural Style


Architecture, Industry

Use Type

Single Family Dwelling House, Workers Housing



Massachusetts Historical Commission Report

Architectural Significance

#266 and 277 High St. are identical Bridgewater Iron Mfg Co. workers' houses. They are composed of a 2 1/2 story main block with 1 1/2 story side wings. #266 is covered with modern shingle siding while #277 retains original clapboard sheathing. These houses exhibit windows with 2/2 wood sash and cornice headed lintels in the Italianate manner. They are enclosed by gable roofs with return eaves.

Historical Significance

#266 and 277 High St. were built c. 1850—they appear on the 1854 plan of the Stanley area in the Latham Collection at the Plymouth Co. Registry of deeds. They were built to house workers of the Lazell Perkins Co. (Bridgewater Iron Mfg. Co.). They were owned by the Bridgewater Iron Mfg. Co. until c. 1890. By the early 1900s both houses were owned by S. K. Eaton, carpenter of 12 Hale St.—apparently this is the same Solomon K. Eaton who was the architect of the First Congregational Church at Central Square (1862).

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