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Humphrey - Harden - Chamberlin House

568 Walnut St


Architectural Style

Greek Revival



Use Type

Single Family Dwelling House


Massachusetts Historical Commission Report

Architectural Significance

This is an L-plan 1 1/2 story dwelling which is attached to a similarly rendered stable/garage. This house's edges are defined by corner and fascia boards. Clad with clapboards, this house is enclosed by a steeply pitched gable roof. Particularly noteworthy are the location and elements of the entrance porch—fluted Doric columns support a flat porch roof on the south wall of the main block. Full length windows on the south wall open onto the porch. The main entrance is on the west wall of the ell. Windows are fully enframed. Currently facing a group of mid 20th c. suburban homes, this house was built during the town's c. 1845-1860 building "boom."

Historical Significance

This house does not appear on the 1830 map but is indicated on the 1852 map labeled H.W. Humphrey. In 1857 a George P. Harden lived here. Hardens have been traditionally associated with Pratt town, a village located further to the north around Walnut-Orange-Plymouth and Mill Streets. By the 1870s Josiah H. Chamberlin owned this house. In 1903 George F. Kennedy, laborer, owned this house.

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