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Scanlon and Grady House

438-440 Broad St


Architectural Style

Gothic Revival, Italianate



Use Type

Multiple Family Dwelling House


Henry Perkins Co.

Massachusetts Historical Commission Report

Architectural Significance

Double houses are a relatively rare housing type in Bridgewater and generally represent worker's housing. #438 and 440 Broad St. is composed of a long rectangular plan with a 9-bay main facade which is dominated by a pair of steeply pitched, vaguely Gothic Revival gables. Paved entrances open onto a well-crafted porch with a lattice work base, turned posts and balusters and a pedimented porch roof which is decorated with curving, floral pattern brackets.

Historical Significance

For many years this house was occupied by members of the Scanlon and Grady families. During the 1870s Elizabeth, widow of Charles Scanlon, lived in part of the house while the other section was inhabited by Dennis Grady, laborer. Undoubtedly nearby factories on Spring, Broad or Perkins Ave. provided employment for this house's occupants.

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