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Wood, Peter House

220 Titicut St


Architectural Style

Victorian Eclectic



Use Type

Single Family Dwelling House


Massachusetts Historical Commission Report

Architectural Significance

This is a relatively rare example of a Bridgewater Queen Anne House. Clad with clapboard and characterized by well crafted elements, the main facade features an octagonal bay (with angled flushboard paneling), a front porch with turned posts, and a gable with a Queen Anne sunburst motif. Sidewalls feature distinctive small square windows at the second level.

Historical Significance

This house is part of the Titicut section of Bridgewater's collection of well-crafted 1880's and 1890's houses. Located to the east of the prison, this area retains a large measure of its rural, pre 1900 character. Cook St., which runs along the west wall of the house, was laid out c. 1890's and lead to Ernest L. Cook's Titicut brick yard— Cook began producing Diamond C. branch bricks in this area in 1891. #220 Titicut St. was built c. 1890 for Peter Wood. He is listed as a "railroad section foreman" in 1890's directories. The Titicut Depot of the Old Colony Railroad was located just to the east of this house.

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