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Keith, Zephaniah M. House

1633 South St


Architectural Style

Greek Revival



Use Type

Single Family Dwelling House


Massachusetts Historical Commission Report

Architectural Significance

This L-plan dwelling's main block is nearly identical to the Holden Keith House across the street in terms of scale and surface treatments. This house, however, stands with its gable end to South St. Its main facade is located in the center of the 5-bay south facing wall. Particularly noteworthy is its front door's enframements which feature narrow, multipane sidelights and a heavy entablature. Windows are simply enframed with wide, rectangular lintels. Running beneath the sidewall's eaves are wide farcea boards. The main block is enclosed by a broad gable roof.

Historical Significance

This house has historical associations with Bridgewater's Keith family. As early as the late 18th c. the Keiths operated an iron business at Sturtevant's corner on South St. in Titicut. Built c. 1845, a structure belonging to Zephaniah Keith appears on or near this site on the 1830 map. By the 1870s Zephaniah Keith, farmer and Zephaniah Keith, painter, owned this property. By the early 1900s Charlie Coke, farmer, lived here.

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