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Hooper, A. H. House

85 South St


Architectural Style

Colonial Revival, Four-square



Use Type

Single Family Dwelling House


Bridgewater Town Center

Massachusetts Historical Commission Report

Architectural Significance

This Queen Anne house represents a relatively late addition to South St./Bridgewater Center's collection of well-crafted 19th c. houses. Possessing a compact, rectangular plan, it is sheathed in clapboards and rises 2 1/2 stories to a steeply pitched roof with a dormer at the main facade. Salient features include a Colonial Revival entrance porch on the 2-bay main facade and the east wall's oriel/wall dormer which exhibits a tall arched window--presumably this opening illuminates a stair hall.

Historical Significance

This house was built c. 1895 for A.H. Hooper, a clerk at Hooper & Co., grocers, Bridgewater Center. Although this house appears on the 1903 atlas bearing Hooper's name, A.H. Hooper is listed as a resident of Bedford St. near School St. in 1900's directories.

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