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Prophett, Henry G. Worker Housing

123-125 Bedford St


Architectural Style



Architecture, Industry

Use Type

Multiple Family Dwelling House, Workers Housing


Bridgewater Town Center

Massachusetts Historical Commission Report

Architectural Significance

This pair of 1 1/2 story double houses is of interest as an example of late 19th c. Bridgewater speculative/worker housing. Exhibiting elements of the late Italianate frame vernacular, the gable roofs of this duo add a pleasing rhythm to the Bedford Streetscape. #125/123 is the more intact of the two, exhibiting a continuous, ground floor shed above the entrances and paired bays. Small shed lintels appear above the attic level windows.

Historical Significance

Dating to c. 1885, these modest double cottages were built by real estate speculator/builder Henry G. Prophett. Similar double dwellings were constructed by Prophett on Maple Ave. near Bedford St. and at 62, 64/66 and 72/74 Union St. during the mid 1880s. The Bedford St. cottages were illustrated on the border of the 1887 Bird's-eye-view map of Bridgewater. Henry G. Prophett lived in the Queen Anne house at the southwest corner of Bedford and Grove Streets. He was the son of Central Square furniture dealer, undertaker and builder William Prophett. It was H.G. Prophett who "donated the expensive electric clock, now in the Central Square Conqregational steeple." Mr. Prophett was also a dealer in metal shingles.

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