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Congregational Parsonage

26 Prospect St


Architectural Style

Greek Revival


Architecture, Religion

Use Type

Parsonage, Single Family Dwelling House



Massachusetts Historical Commission Report

Architectural Significance

This is an unpretentious 2 1/2 story frame cottage which is clad in weathered wood shingles. Its north facing, fir tree shaded main facade features a center entrance with handsome Greek Revival enframements (e.g. Doric pilaster and heavy entablature).

Historical Significance

This Greek Revival house is integral to the remarkably unspoiled mid 18th-mid 19th c. character of Bridgewater's Scotland area. It was built c. 1840. Prospect St. was not cut through from Pleasant St. to Vernon Sts. until c. early 1830's. This house appears on the 1852 map but it is difficult to tell if this was owned by T. C. Bridges or an 0. Keith. By 1879 this house is labeled "parsonage" and is indicated as "Cong. Parsonage" on the 1903 atlas. The Scotland Trinitarian Congregational Church is located across the street at the corner of Pleasant and Prospect Sts. It was built in 1821.

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