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Washburn - Fearing - McNeeland House

440 Plymouth St


Architectural Style




Use Type

Single Family Dwelling House


Massachusetts Historical Commission Report

Architectural Significance

This house is of interest primarily for its 5 unit, connected form. Its north ell, main block, two side ells and barn are stretched across the top of a low rise. With the exception of the wood shingle covered north ell, this house is clad with clapboards. The center hall plan main block possesses a 5 bay main facade and 2 bay side walls. Salient features include a front door flanked by multipane sidelights, Doric pilasters and is surmounted by a wide transom. The main facade's roof slope exhibits a steeply pitched, off-center gable addition. In general, windows display Federal wedge shaped lintels and contain 2/2 replacement wood sash.

Historical Significance

Built c. 1820, this house was enlarged via 3 ells and a barn during the mid-late 19th century. In 1830 its owner was a Mrs. Washburn. By the 1850s a T. Fearing lived here. (Presumably related to Dr. Noah Fearing of 77 South St.) By the mid 1870s, Robert McNeeland, brickmaker and Robert McNeeland, Jr., teamster, owned this property. By the early 1900s George S. and Robert J. McNeeland owned this house and worked as a teamster and contractor, respectively. Frederick McNeeland (1877-1938) founder of the Bridgewater Ice and Coal Co
(1909), was also a member of this family.

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