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Holmes, Lewis House

59 Bedford St


Architectural Style

Greek Revival



Use Type

Single Family Dwelling House


Bridgewater Town Center

Massachusetts Historical Commission Report

Architectural Significance

The Lewis Holmes House ranks among the more stylish examples of the Greek Revival style in Bridgewater. This house is similar to #40 Shaw St. in terms of form, fenestration, elements, etc. Essentially L-shaped in plan, its 5 bay x 2 bay main block is edged with wide panneled corner boards and exhibits a wide freize board with beadwork molding. Particularly noteworthy is the handsome entrance porch with its fluted Doric columns and heavy entablature.

Historical Significance

Built c. 1834, this house was for many years the home of Lewis Holmes. Mr. Holmes was the son of Joseph Holmes of Plymouth—he was born Sept. 17, 1806. He settled in Bridgewater in 1834 and for 25 years was in trade as a Central Square merchant. He was elected town clerk and treasurer in 1847 to 1850, and again town clerk from 1859 to 1863 and again treasurer from 1859-1867. He was appointed postmaster in 1862 (and held this position into the 1880s). He was active in the early anti-slavery cause and called the first meeting in the interest of that cause is 1839. He was also active in local Republican politics In addition he was a Justice of the Peace. By the early 1900's a J.E. Hammond owned this property—at that time a large barn was located just to the south of this house.

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