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Dean - Keith House

1019 Pleasant St


Architectural Style

Greek Revival



Use Type

Single Family Dwelling House



Massachusetts Historical Commission Report

Architectural Significance

#1029 Pleasant is an interesting example of a Greek Revival dwelling that combines modern cottage scale and materials with architecturally sophisticated elements. The 3-bay main facade opens onto a porch with fluted Tuscan columns. Particularly noteworthy is the Asher Benjamen-like entrance enframement. This is an L-plan complex of 1 1/2 story main block, 1-story side ell and barn.

Historical Significance

This house is a key component in the village of Scotland's late 18th-mid 19th century Pleasant St. streetscape. It was built at some point between 1830-1852, probably c.1840. During the 1850's a Mrs. Dean owned the house. By the 1870's, Stillman 0. Keith lived here. His occupation is listed as "real estate" in late 19th c. directories. He lived here until at least the early 1900's. Scotland was settled as early as 1664 by families of Scot.

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