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Martin, George H. House

45 Bedford St


Architectural Style

Second Empire



Use Type

Single Family Dwelling House


Bridgewater Town Center

Massachusetts Historical Commission Report

Architectural Significance

This is a rare Bridgewater example of a Mansard cottage. Possessing an L-plan, this house rises one story to a hip on Mansard roof with pedimented dormers. Projecting from its Grove St. wall is a multi-panel polygonal bay with narrow windows.

Historical Significance

This house has significant local historical associations with the late 19th c. faculty of the Bridgewater Normal School (later Bridgewater State). Its first owner was George K. Martin. He became a member of the faculty in 1864. He was one of the earliest advocates of industrial education and medical inspection in the schools. He wrote Civil Government and Manual of the English Language during his 18 year residence in Bridgewater. In 1883 he was appointed Secretary of the State Board of Education and in 1892 was elected a member of the Boston Board of Supervisors. He is perhaps the best known for his book, The Evolution of the Massachusetts School System. This house's second owner was Frank F. Murdoch who taught geography at the Bridgewater Normal School from 1884 to 1896.

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