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Hagan, Peter House

579 Oak St


Architectural Style




Use Type

Single Family Dwelling House


Massachusetts Historical Commission Report

Architectural Significance

This is a simple 1 story ironworker's cottage with a south shed addition. Vaguely Italianate in sensibility, it features a front porch with slatwork balusters and turned posts. The old barn on the property is characterized by decaying, weathered clapboards, broad gables and a low belvedere at the roof's center.

Historical Significance

This house was built c. 1875 for Peter Hagan, iron worker—presumably an employee of the nearby Bridgewater Iron Mfg. Co. on High St. By the early 1900's a Mrs. J. O'Hern lived here. Together with its barn and landscape feature this house provides a glimpse of a late non-company owned ironworker's cottage.

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